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Mobile Encryption for Android (V 1.1) and Symbian

Updated for Android to Include Encrypting Files and Emailing Them Securely


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Introduction by
Sheikh Abu Saad al-‘Amili, May Allah Protect Him

Praise Allah, by whose grace good works are done. And prayers and peace on the final prophet and messenger – our master Muhammad and upon his family and companions as well as upon whoever walks by his guidance until the day when people stand before the Lord of creation.

The mighty and powerful Allah says:

{Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of God and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of God, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.}

The course of action for truth repelling falsehood compels us to prepare ourselves and provide the means of victory for our own, for our groups and our actions so that Islam will not be taken from us. Whoever embraces this religion must do so with strength. He must be adorned with patience, resolve and wisdom in his actions, since achieving victory and overcoming the enemies cannot be achieved through compromise or mutual trust. Before that, we have the duty to repel the enemy’s strikes. We must weaken them and be superior to them in the fields where there can only be victory.

These include the media field and especially communication, which is absolutely indispensable in our war against the enemies of Allah and our actions, using this religion to support our brothers the Mujahideen at the front to protect from the rear and provide them with various types of assistance that are required.

It is perfectly clear that our enemies are concerned about this field from the extent of the massive financial expenditures and specialized human resources given to it. The importance of these means is manifested in that they have been weapons in the hands or our enemies to snare several of our brother supporters in their trap. They have read many secrets, operational plans and a lot of various pieces of information that should never fall into their hands under any circumstances.

We are requested – even before our enemies – to provide suitable ways and means of communication between us and between our Mujahideen, who are defending the borders. This is so we won’t be subject to their surveillance; thus, we will close the doors to spying on us and becoming aware of all the Mujahideen’s secrets and what the Mujahideen entrusted us with.

Allah has blessed your brothers in the Global Islamic Media Front to do this program for cell phone encryption. This will be a surprise and shock to our enemies, and it will be revenge against them in as much as it will be a blessing, relief and a secure weapon for our brothers for continuous communication far from the eyes and monitoring of the enemies.

This program by the power of Allah will be a qualitative move in the field of secure communication between the brothers – supporters and Mujahideen – in the light of the fact that cell phones are used more and are easier than computers for communication and media in the field of resistance. Therefore, cell phones’ importance and value are apparent in the field of Jihadist preparation. We hope and pray to Allah that this would make it a means to terrorize the enemies of Allah and put more fear in their hearts. We also pray that it would bring the righteous servants, the soldiers of truth, closer to victory and to empowering His religion. The mighty Allah is capable of achieving that.

{God will certainly aid those who aid his (cause);- for verily God is full of Strength, Exalted in Might, (able to enforce His Will).}

And blessings and perfect peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, and the end is for those who fear Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon His slave, His messenger, His Khalil, and His faithful one for his revelation, our Prophet, our Imam, and our Master, Muhammad bin Abdullah, the Imam of the Mujahideen, the best of all preachers, and the leader of the resplendent, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, and may Allah bless him, his family, his companions, and his followers until the Day of Judgment.


In light of the growing need to protect privacy and to escape from the repressive police regulations, your brothers in the Technical Department of the Global Islamic Media Front are pleased to present to the Islamic Ummah in general and the Mujahideen and Ansar of Jihad in particular, the mobile encryption program. This program features asymmetrical encryption, along with the ability to encrypt SMS and files, sending and receiving emails, and receiving messages effectively and efficiently with the use of advanced techniques to maintain security and privacy, both during sending and receiving, or when saving messages. We announce that this program, like all the sites and programs that we develop, is the property of all Muslims.

We ask Allah to guide us, take from us what pleases Him, be pleased with us, and support the Islamic Ummah and return us to a single, free Ummah that is only subject to its Lord and is only ruled by His just Shariah.

Your brothers in the Technical Department of the Global Islamic Media Front are pleased to present to you an updated version of the Android Mobile Encryption Program (V 1.1) enabling the encryption of all kinds of files and sending e-mail securely and encrypted.

With the increased spread and circulation of smartphones worldwide, especially phones running the Android operating system, users in the Arab and Muslim countries have become very reliant on them in their daily life. Smartphones are used for internet access, emails, and navigating news and social networking websites, and thousands are even using smartphones to follow the news of jihad in Islamic countries. This requires a degree of security precaution, in accordance with the words of Allah SWT: “Take your precautions,” especially in the midst of the rapidly developing news about the cooperation of global companies with the international intelligence agencies, in the detection of data exchanged over smartphones.

The mobile encryption program offers the highest levels of encryption for secure communication through SMS along with the ability to send encrypted files through email. It is the first Islamic encryption program for mobiles and secures communications with the greatest degree of secrecy based on the highest standards reached by cryptography and the engineering of digital communications.

The program uses the cryptographic algorithm Twofish with cipher block chaining which has the same strength as the algorithm for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It uses elliptic curve encryption in exchanging keys with the keys encoded to 192-bit length. It was necessary to use elliptic curve encryption instead of the base encryption RSA because it is very long, and it’s not possible to store it in SMS nor use it with the Bouncy Castle libraries which use algorithms and methods of encryption with tested capabilities proven to be effective. This library does permit developers to change the random algorithms to protect against any misuse or abuse.

The program supports digital fingerprints, so any user can display a digital fingerprint for his public key. Of course, it’s possible to send the fingerprint or publish it to assure recipients of the public key. All encrypted files have a digital fingerprint, and the program uses them when decrypting to verify the file has not been tampered with. This fingerprint can be published to confirm to the recipients that the file is sound. The block chaining cipher mentioned above is very important to encrypt the files because if someone tried to tamper with any digital file, the file becomes corrupt when trying to decrypt it.

Also among the characteristics of the program is the ability to send SMS of 400 characters in length in Arabic and English. The program works with a number of languages, and it can send encrypted files between two mobiles differing in language settings without problem with the ability to send encrypted files through email with the use of SSL and can add port settings to support SMTP and POP3. The program works with most email hosting providers.

Furthermore, one cannot access and use the program without entering a password. Storage inside the program is encrypted as is the storing of private addresses in the program, as the addresses found on the mobile can’t be accessed. The program does not allow sending messages that are unencrypted to a recipient who has been added, so if the user did not receive a public key, this means that it’s not possible to encrypt a message, and the program does not allow sending a message unencrypted to protect the user.

Lastly, among the most important features of the program is the ability to send and receive encrypted messages with Android mobiles and vice versa, and this feature is not available even in the most important similar applications which are programmed by well-known companies.

Therefore, the mobile encryption program is the best means for instant communication through SMS and encrypted files through email between the two users. It offers a level of encryption that cannot be undone or broken and can be relied upon to protect the confidentiality of communication.

V 1.1

  • The ability to encrypt files directly on Android cell phones.

V 1.0

  • The first Islamic encryption software for mobiles.
  • The program is easy to use and does not require the installation of complicated files.
  • The program offers the highest levels of encryption available for secure communication through text messages (SMS).
  • The ability to send encrypted files by e-mail with the use of the SSL certificate.
  • The program does not allow you to send non-encrypted e-mails.
  • The program address directory as well as all the info stored in it is completely encrypted.
  • The ability to send and receive encrypted messages between Android and Symbian cell phones and that functionality isn’t available in similar apps.
  • The ability to send short encrypted messages that are 400 characters with multi-lingual support.
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File Size of the Compressed Archive:
1,282,218 bytes

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  • File Size of tashfir_aljawal_android.apk:

907,118 bytes

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383 bytes

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443,849 bytes

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